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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Interview with Miss_LolitaF/Guest Writer!!

Hey Tabloid Readers! My Name Is Sanja, And Today, November 2Oth, I Was Invited By Lynn Herself To Guest Write For The Tabloids! AAAHHHHH!!! Well, I Used To Be Bella_Swan_lol On Stardoll, But In September, I Was Tragically Hacked ;[ I Am Currently On TWO Accounts; bubule12 and pinki_Cat_girl which I Co-Own!

So, What Should I Write About On My ONE DAY HERE???I Did An Interview With The World Famous Miss_LolitaF, Check It Out!

Click To Enlarge.

Love, Sanja<3


I have some breaking news, news that was just released MINUTES ago to the stardoll tabloids. Lily Rose has made a devistating decision. She is giving up one of her babies. We have a satellite photo taken with Tabloids Helecopter, in Seattle, of the funeral, that Lily Rose didn't even attend.

Rest in peace innocent child.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Alice on Slovenski?

Yes everyone, the lovely Alice Hunnigall was spotted just two months ago on Delta Airlines, on Flight 207, the flight heading to Kranj, Slovenia. Last night, our advisor from the Slovene area, miss Janqa Poderbe, sent mua a video from Wednesday's episode of Slovenski Next Top Model, and you'll never guess who was guest modeling! ALICE! Check out this EXCLUSIVE picture from the episode that only aires in the Slavic Republic!

Critiques were harsh on the young model. She was deemed slutty, and a Sand-Whore as some called it. What do you think? WE WANT YOUR JUICY COMMENTS NOW!

Your Elite, Lynn Hills.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lily Rose pregnant! and this time...with TRIPLETS!

Lily Rose is having MORE babies!!! This time she is pregnant with THREE! Her and ex-boyfriend, Xkatarinax, have had ANOTHER fling. The two had no comment, but Lily Rose's mother says that they both wanted more children and settled their disagreements to have the child. Looks like the child turns out to be CHILDREN! Yup, plural! Good luck with the babies, Lily.

I am back!

Hey everyone. It's me, Lynn, back for more of your FAVORITE GOSSIP! After days of finals and exams, I am back on my Mac, and I am read for more drama. Get ready to explode with news.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Oh my, Another OD?

As you all know, recently, many Stardoll celebrities have been Overdosing, from things such as stress, etc. Drugs are killing our loved elites, and we all ask the same question, why do they do it?

This afternoon, at 187 Dephers Avenue, located in Beverly Hills, CA, our beloved Tylerisbold was transported to the Hills Hospital, at 2:01 P.m. He was found unconscious on the hotel floor, with some pain killers in his right hand, and an edition of Recherche Magazine is his left. We have the shocking operator call to 911 on the link below:

Viewer discretion is advised. There were some parts of the call that had to be blocked.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

New banner.

Thank you Atlac (Co-owner of jaque_style) For making me this amazing banner.
She's even doing a complete blog makeover, and I can't wait.