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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stars in the Spa!

Today we found several stars in Hollywood's "Serenity Spa", located near Herenity Street! There were some gorgeous faces at the end, and some drastic surgeries, leaving bubble butts, and swollen jaws. What did we see on our little detour? Take a look for yourself!

Here, we have Maggie, sitting in the relaxing mud bath. She had a small dosage of botox, but this was a definite plus in Lynn's book.

I think that the botox was a good choice, it really brightened her smile, and made Maggie even more amazing. -Atlac

Maggie is an expert at plastic surgery, she knows the exact dosage and areas to inject, great job, keep relaxing. -Raetha

Here, we have Shayan, with his eye skin pulled up. This was a shaky shaky for me, but at least he looks very alert! -Lynn

I like the procedure, it makes Shayan look happier. -Atlac

I didn't necessarily love it, because of how drastic it was, but it's better than it was before. -Raetha

It appears that Tonia had basically every procedure possible. It looks unrealstic, and its a down. Way too much permanent makeup, and the botox looks like she sat in a wind tunnel for 5 days and glued her skin like that. -Lynn

1 word. Fugly. -Atlac

Did you color your face with a sharpie dear? -Raetha

Vasia had a MJ Nose job.My vote is shaky shaky. The Septum makes her look emo, and I don't approve of the pinching of the Cartilage. Sorry Vasia, try again. -Lynn

Vasia is changing her style completely, what happened to the Alpha we know and love? -Atlac

Is she a scene now or something? -Raetha

And thats our corner, thanks Jaque_style for guest judging tonight.

Yours truly, Lynn Hills, xoxo

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